Devin Anderson

Position: Actress
Categories: Confidence, Mindfulness, Parenting, Personal Development, Wellness Coaching
Location: Columbia, South Carolina

Devin draws power, purpose, and meaning from her love for Black and brown people. Her coaching hinges on expressions of love for self, and the extension of this into communities. For her, this manifests as confidence; the ability to show up in the world the way you want…the way you are. She does this by leaning on exercises and skills she’s learned on theatrical stages for over a decade. Recently, she’s begun lending her voice to the natural skin and hair care community. Embracing holistic care, she asserts that Black and brown people deserve access to the best quality resources to put on and in our bodies. Moreover, by helping people create rituals around caring for themselves, she encourages clients to turn mundane or even frustrating daily practices into intentional habits of recognizing their own divinity.  Her teachings will not only be beneficial at home but in the way you move through the world entirely. And these are practices that she’s sharing from her own life. A single mother, she is contemplating what it means to raise a free Black child that knows no limitations and doesn’t have an antagonistic relationship to hair, skin, or being. These are practices that she shares from her heart to your home.