Wouldn't take nothin'...

“Got my hands on the gospel plow, wouldn’t take nothin for my journey now.”

Lyrics from the song I loved to hear my grandfather sing still resonate with me. They say to me, ” You have work to do. Gospel work. Truth work. Till fertile ground, sow good seeds. cultivate potential, and reap a bountiful harvest.  This is the crux of optimal living. Constant sowing and reaping. growing through truth and intentional hard work.

...for my journey now

A black woman speaks to a visibly upset, little black girl who seems to be showing resistance to her.
Clavis Anderson

Coaching in the Face of Resistance

To effectively address resistance, coaches need to identify its sources. Resistance may arise from various factors, such as failed attempts at change in the past, fear of failure or success, lack of trust, conflicting values or beliefs, or even external pressures. Understanding the underlying causes of resistance enables coaches to tailor their approaches and create an environment conducive to overcoming challenges.

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Black women sitting in a chair while a child kneels at an easel demonstrating the power of talk less and listen more.
Clavis Anderson

Talk Less

According to research, direct instruction should last no more than 15 minutes for most students. That’s the average attention span. So, this means the teacher talk that takes up most of the period falls on deaf ears.

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